Your cigars are 100% hand-rolled masterpieces. These are premium hand made Dominican cigars, made of the finest long leaf tobacco. This cigar rolled for the DEMON film is the smoothest cigar blend we've rolled, with exceptional flavor and no bittery/acidy after taste. This tobacco tends to lean on the milder side and won't argue with the other essence of the Dominican profile.

Included are two band designs - Official Selection, and Jury Award. We labeled 10 of each so that you would only need to redo 10 of whichever you choose. The easiest way without using pectin to do this is to apply a simple dot from a typical Elmer's glue stick. BE careful to not get any glue on cigar (of course). The aditional labels for each type are included in the separate bag.

Again, we are so happy that you let us supprt your celebrating, and we are going to be tuning in online to watch the arawrds/Announcements!

Thank you,

Maxx & Lauren Krueger
KC Cigar Company