What We Believe

There’s always something to do or some project to complete or deadline approaching. Many of us feel guilty taking moments for ourselves and quiet reflection. We understand that, sometimes, in order to go anywhere, you first have to stop.

Smoking a fine cigar is a hobby, not a habit. When you buy a KC Cigar you're buying time to relax. Our cigars take between 45 minutes and 2 hours to smoke depending on size. Take this as reflection time away from disturbances. Enjoy your cigar alone or with close friends. My favorite time to smoke is with new interesting people that I may learn something from.

Our Job & Passion

The flavor of the cigar is created by KC Cigar Co's "blenders". It is up to us to bring harmony to the filler and wrapper of a cigar to make for a pleasant smoke. Once the blend is perfect, the rolling process begins.

A cigar has three parts that all come together in the hand-rolling process: filler, binder, and wrapper. The filler is the “bunched” tobacco inside the cigar. The filler can either be “short” or “long,” depending on the quality of the cigar. Premium cigars will always have long filler, meaning whole tobacco leaves that run from one end of the cigar to the other. Short filler is trimmed and smokes much faster than long filler. The binder is the glue that holds the cigar together. This is typically a single leaf. The wrapper is the most important component of a cigar, as it imparts the majority of the flavor to the cigar.

Keep in Mind

As with any hobby, you’ll find people who “know” everything in the cigar world. You’ll find the complete newbies who are eager to learn and terrified of making mistakes. And then there are the old-timers whose wise words are imparted with gentle kindness. The snobs are aplenty, and the women are few (though growing in number). But, across the board, most cigar smokers are hard-working individuals who look forward to relaxing with a good smoke. Personally, many of my most important conversations have taken place over a cigar. Including the decision to create KC Cigar Co.

Thanks for reading,

KC Cigar Co