We want you to have the best cigar each and every time you go to smoke one. Here are a couple tips to ensure that you will enjoy your cigars at their optimum freshness. 

Take your time:

To thoroughly enjoy your cigar, smoke slowly. Drawing too frequently will heat up the cigar and spoil the taste. We recommend taking about a puff a minute making sure not to inhale the cigar.

The Cut:  

Make sure to make a clean cut and avoid tearing the wrapper. For the best results, make one quick, strong cut. If you are using a cigar punch cutter, stick the puncher directly into the cap, give it a slight twist, and pull. 

Light it up:

Using a match: wait until the sulphur burns off before using it to light your cigar.

Butane Lighters/Torches: We recommend using Butane lighters because they are odorless and do not affect the aroma and flavor of your cigar.

  • Pre-heat the foot (open end of the cigar) by slowly rolling the cigar above the flame at a 45 degree angle until a tiny black ring forms all the way around the wrapper. Make sure not to touch the flame to the cigar.
  • With the cigar in your mouth and drawing in as you go through this process, slowly roll the cigar at an angle to establish an even burn.
  • Once the cigar is lit, pull it from your mouth, make sure the foot (end) of the cigar is glowing to ensure that it is fully lit. If the burn is uneven, repeat lighting it while slowly rolling it to make sure to get an even burn.

When to put it out:

When a cigar begins to emit too much heat and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth (usually near the last two inches of the cigar), it is time to put it out. To put it out, simply set it in an ashtray and it will burn out on its own.

Keeping your cigars fresh:

To keep your cigars fresh, we recommend keeping them in a humidor or in an airtight bin. It is best to keep them at 70 degrees and 70 percent humidity. The best way to make sure that your cigars are fresh is with a hygrometer. Hygrometer's measure the amount of humidity within your humidor. We recommend checking out the humidity about every other week or so. You can use distilled water or cigar humidor solution to make sure your cigars are staying hydrated. When they aren't properly hydrated, they can become very dry and burn quickly when smoking or even change in flavor.